Beneath the Stitches: The Warmth and Wisdom of Paper-Filled Quilts

Beneath the Stitches: The Warmth and Wisdom of Paper-Filled Quilts

Just to follow up on template paper pieces left in quilts, how I found this out!
One of my previous quilt customers knew about my curiosity to uncover the truth behind this historical quilting technique. My primary concern revolved around what transpires when these quilts undergo washing. It seemed plausible that some of the papers could become crumpled, leading to a lumpy finish. I was then reminded that there are individuals who devote considerable time to crafting their own paper from various collected scraps, employing it in ingenious ways for artistic purposes.
papers left in place

Recently, I've stumbled upon the fact that quilters utilize a variety of template materials, including an iron-on stabilizer that can be left in place, which I find pretty cool. A quilting buddy of mine from North Carolina employs a specialized machine known as a Cricut to create these tiny, impeccably cut templates out of paper and iron-on interfacing. This stabilizer can be effortlessly removed after preparing the fabric, or you could skip a step altogether and simply iron it on. To me, this appears to be a clever solution to the issue of paper crumpling up during the washing of the quilt.


Just another picture of the front of this really cute English Paper Piecing block.

You can explore some of Wendy's precut template products on her website at SewManyHeirlooms.

Just so you know, I'm not venturing into the EPP world (not today anyway), but this technique has become very popular, especially for those who want to do a craft while camping, waiting for an appointment, visiting with a friend.


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