Murder Mystery Quilt 2023

Calling All Mystery Quilt Lovers

Guess Who Done It!

 Sign Ups Closed

Pattern and Story Will Be Available

For Sale By Thanksgiving


Murder Mystery Quilt 2023


First of all, there will be no blood and gore in this story. I’m not saying someone won’t die, their death will be a mystery, that’s all.

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I am a connoisseur of murder mystery books and shows. One thing I’ve learned, the writers have a formula, or pattern, just like quilters. Am I right?

Someone’s found dead, the killer shows up early in the story (you just don’t know it yet), a detective is involved in solving the crime.

I’m mulling around a few ideas for how to run this mystery quilt. While none of these are set in stone, here’s a hint of what to expect.

  • Sign ups end October 3rd, 2023
  • The first group started September 21, 2023
  • Complete pattern and story available Thanksgiving 2023
  • Yes, there will be another one next year
  • The detective will be a bit clumsy but loveable
  • The characters will be introduced every week after a fabric pull introduction and followed by a “who done it” quilt block arrangement
  • You’re invited to share your quilt progress along with your “who done it” clue discussion here on this blog and on my Facebook and Instagram pages
  • I still need a catchy name for the story, one that will make a good hashtag for social media
  • Hashtags will help to find other quilter’s progress and thoughts
  • Story clues will be provided by email and include a link to a downloadable pdf for your quilt block directions and fabric suggestions
  • The planned size of the quilt will be a lap size

Why am I doing this crazy fun thing?

  • I love murder mysteries and mystery quilts
  • I hope to make new quilt friends
  • I like to see how other quilters chose colors
  • Sometimes people can feel isolated and want to participate in a group activity without traveling and spending a bunch of money (so they can buy more fabric, patterns and machinery)
  • This mystery quilt is completely free once a year
  • Warning——I am not a mystery writer (but a good quilt block writer) and these characters and events are totally out of my imagination

I hope you can sign up, many of you already have, thank you!

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