Betty trapped in the basement with her mystery quilt

Everyone's a Mystery Writer: What If We Were All Trapped In The Basement?

I was just explaining to an acquaintance today about my upcoming murder mystery quilt series.  I told her I'd ended up writing a short novel, I was having so much fun.  Being a creative person herself, let me relate the following details of Linda's creative mind about a plot I could use

  • a quilter is being held captive in a basement
  • her bad guy is selling her quilts in a local market store
  • women (closet sleuths) who watch the new quilts being offered for sale notice they have special designs, and the design names are telling a story about how she needs help, and may lead to where she's being held

That was in 3 minutes folks.  I'm reminded we all have a fun creative imagination, one of those delights we've gained over the years from reading countless books and stories.

These details are now like a jumping off point where my imagination can go wild.  What if I was trapped in my basement quilt studio?  Might be ok, for awhile if I had the following:

  • All of my fabric and a computer to order more online, to be delivered
  • Meals delivered at least twice a day, from the various wonderful restaurants in our little town of Red Lodge
  • A massage therapist at least a couple times a week
  • An elliptical exercise machine to keep in shape
  •  An espresso machine 
  • A tv so I could stream cozy mysteries series and rom com movies
  • Laundry service

Would it really be so bad?

quilting in the basement machine
quilting in the basement iron
quilting in the basement longarm

Well I could go on and on.  Maybe I could get some time outside in the fenced yard once in awhile.

Next I'd need to figure out a way to send a signal to other quilters that I'd been kidnapped?  I have my book The Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns from Barbara Brackman.  Maybe I could study and make quilts to send a message?  Now my brain just shifted, I need to do a little research about what message I would send.

Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns

There are historical references to Civil War Quilt Blocks and how designs were meant to tell a story.

A Path To The Civil War

Everyone has a plot or two rolling around in their heads.  And I, being a new writer, have to figure out how to solve the case, find the who done it, finish the quilt.  

The journey is the destination.


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