Murder Mystery Quilt 2024

Murder Mystery Quilt 2024

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The picture below is the 2023 Murder Mystery Quilt Ad.  I was totally blown away by the response to the event, and so grateful for all who engaged, made quilts and shared their kind comments.  I learned a number of things with that first event, so I'm putting all my best towards the above 2024 Mystery.  As of today, I've made a quilt from the pattern I'll release, and I've got the rough draft for the story done.  It's so much fun, I walk around smiling every day.  My mind works overtime, usually, so I'm already outlining 2025, a trilogy.

murder mystery quilt 2023

First of all, there will be no blood and gore in this story. I’m not saying someone won’t die, their death will be a mystery, that’s all.

I am a connoisseur of murder mystery books and shows. One thing I’ve learned, the writers have a formula, or pattern, just like quilters. Am I right?

Someone’s found dead, the killer shows up early in the story (you just don’t know it yet), a detective is involved in solving the crime.

I’m mulling around a few ideas for how to run this mystery quilt. While none of these are set in stone, here’s a hint of what to expect.

  • Wait List Sign Ups Start In June 2024
  • There will be 4 clues in total, only available to sign ups
  • The clues will start middle of September for 4 consecutive Thursdays 
  • The pattern/story cost will be $9.98 this year, digital format only
  • Quilt Shops who want to put their own fabric kits together should email me, now, for a free supply list
  • The detective Sally Tully will warm your heart
  • You’re invited to share your quilt progress along with your “who done it” clue discussion once you've purchased the pattern on a private Facebook group I'll invite you to in the first clue
  • Story clues will be provided by email and include a link to a downloadable pdf for your quilt block directions and story
  • The planned size of the quilt will be a lap size

Why am I doing this crazy fun thing?

  • I love murder mysteries and mystery quilts
  • I hope to make new quilt friends
  • I like to see how other quilters chose colors
  • Sometimes people can feel isolated and want to participate in a group activity without traveling and spending a bunch of money (so they can buy more fabric, patterns and machinery)
  • Warning——I am a new mystery writer and these characters and events are totally out of my imagination

Tell Your Friends

Here's a few lines from the Stitched Secrets opening chapter:

At 3:06 am, Sally peeked through her eyelids at the red digital clock projected on the ceiling beside her bed. "Oh for crying out loud, do we have to go through this every morning?"
Beads of sweat dotted her entire body, so she threw the covers off, trying to cool down and shake the hormone rush that seemed to plague her sleep. But it wasn’t the hot flashes themselves that left her unsettled; it was the vivid quilt pattern that she couldn’t stop thinking about.
The design was unlike anything she’d ever seen before, even though the blocks were familiar. There was a mesmerizing blend of colors and designs that seemed to keep moving around, leaving her wondering about the final arrangement.


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