My Quilt Retreat Car-Packing Saga: Strategic Organizing, Fabric Frenzy, and a Dash of Mystery

My Quilt Retreat Car-Packing Saga: Strategic Organizing, Fabric Frenzy, and a Dash of Mystery


Ah, the great quilt retreat car-packing adventure—where the fabric stash meets the trunk space, and only the savviest of space organizers prevail! As I prepare for a blissful four-day quilt retreat with my best quilting buddies, the excitement is as palpable as the mountain of supplies I need to fit into my car. Here’s how I tackle this jigsaw puzzle, one quilting project at a time.

Step 1: Gather the Essentials

First things first, I embark on the pre-packing ritual: gathering my project cases. These aren’t just any projects; they are a carefully curated selection from my ever-growing quilt work-in-progress pile. I know I can't finish 4 projects, but I like to have choices in case I get bored or frustrated with one of my treasures. 

Step 2: Strategic Suitcase Packing

Next up, packing my suitcase. I’m prepped for four days of variable weather, which in quilter’s terms means anything from 'sunny with a chance of fabric shopping' to 'stormy with uninterrupted sewing sessions.' I pack layers of comfortable clothes because let’s face it, you can quilt in you pj's if you want to!

Step 3: The Big Stuff

Now, for the real challenge—fitting the sewing machine, cutting mat, and all those bags of quilt supplies into my car. It’s like playing Tetris, but with objects that don’t conveniently disappear when you line them up perfectly. My trusty sewing machine gets the seat of honor (tucked in a case, of course), while the cutting mat slides in shining bright orange, like my house color.

pack the trunk

Step 4: The Extras

No quilt retreat would be complete without the comforts of home. A couple of pillows from my bed make it into the backseat,  protected by a big plastic zippered comforter bag I had left over.  My laptop, my faithful companion for writing mysteries during downtime, snuggles safely between layers of fabric—because what's a retreat without a little plot-twisting?

Step 5: Don’t Forget the Fun!

Last but not least, I make sure to pack a wallet ready for the local quilt store (because who can resist new fabric?) and, of course, plenty of smiles for the wonderful friends I’ll be stitching with.  Where am I going?  To Forsyth Montana, a little railroad town in Eastern Montana.  Details to follow, but here's a link to the retreat center website for more information.  KP Quilt Retreat Center

Final Check: Did I Remember Everything?

As I close the trunk, a pressing question haunts me—did I pack the seam ripper? After a quick check (and yes, a little rummaging),  I find it tucked away, ready to undo any mischief I might sew into my projects.  Double and triple check that I remembered my sewing machine foot pedal and power cord.  I've been to a quilt retreat where someone left those very important items, 250 miles away at home! I find it tucked away, ready to undo any mischief I might sew into my projects.

And there you have it, my car is packed to the gills with every conceivable quilting supply. I’m off to the retreat, ready to laugh, sew, and maybe buy just one more yard of fabric (or five). Here’s to a weekend filled with creativity, camaraderie, and, if all goes well, a car that will still close when it’s time to head home!

Updates to quilt retreat to follow


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