Quilt Binding With Glue?  Yep!

Quilt Binding With Glue? Yep!

So, you've got your quilted project all laid out, ready to stitch up that binding and make it look all fancy. But wait, how do you keep it in place before you start sewing? Fear not, dear quilter, for Elmer's Craft Glue is here to save the day!

What's the Deal with Elmer's Craft Glue?

Elmer's Craft Glue is not just for school projects and sticking things to your forehead (although that can be fun too). This versatile glue is perfect for securing your folded binding in place before you break out the needle and thread.

How to Use Elmer's Craft Glue Like a Pro

Step 1: Stitch the raw edges of a double fold binding to the back side of your trimmed quilted edge making sure it's nice and neat. Press the seam from the back side towards the outside, no one likes a wonky binding, right?  

Step 2: Grab your trusty Elmer's Craft Glue and apply a thin line along the edge of the binding. Don't go overboard, a little dab will do ya!

thin line of glue for binding

Step 3: Press the binding down firmly to secure it in place. You can use a finger, a roller, or even a spoon (get creative with it).

fold binding and press

Step 4: Use your hot iron to heat up the folded binding, this really helps with the stick!  If you get a bit too generous with the line of glue, go ahead and use a scrap piece of fabric as a pressing cloth to keep your iron clean.  If you do get glue on your iron, I've found that a dryer sheet padded with some leftover batting (so you don't burn your fingers), works as a good iron cleaner.

pressed in place

corner pressed

pressed corner with craft glue

top stitched in place

corner topstitched in place


Why Elmer's Craft Glue Rocks

Not only does Elmer's Craft Glue hold your binding in place like a champ, but it also washes out easily once your project is complete. No one wants a sticky residue ruining their masterpiece!

So there you have it, folks. Elmer's Craft Glue is the unsung hero of the crafting world, helping you secure your binding with ease. Get your glue on and get stitching!

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