Quilt Your Way Through Menopause: Sew, Move, and Munch

Quilt Your Way Through Menopause: Sew, Move, and Munch

Menopause. There, I said it. A word that comes with its own baggage, carrying a mixed bag of experiences, emotions, and, let's be honest, a few extra pounds that seem to have found a new home around the waist. But what if I told you there's a way to navigate this season of change with joy, creativity, and maybe even a little bit of indulgence? It's true! Let me take you on a journey where quilting, moving, and munching play leading roles in the menopausal saga.

Crafting Comfort and Creativity

I remember sitting in my basement quilt cave, surrounded by vibrant fabrics and half-finished projects, feeling the weight of change both physically and emotionally. Quilting, with every stitch and swatch, became my solace and expression. It's like a quilted patchwork of my journey through menopause, each piece telling a story of adaptation and acceptance. And as my hands moved, so did my thoughts, from worry to wonder, about how creativity was helping me embrace this new chapter.

Movement: A Dance with Change

Gone were the days of relentless high-impact workouts, which my body no longer welcomed with open arms. Instead, I'm experimenting with the grace and control of tai chi.  Moving my body became less about the calories burned and more about the joy sparked within each movement. Coordination of hands and legs feels clumsy but, I'm learning and celebrating what my body can still do, a testament to its resilience.

A Munch to Remember

Ah, munching. My relationship with food had always been a love affair, but menopause brought with it a need for a slight...reinterpretation of this romance. I looked at what I ate yesterday, noting the conspicuous absence of healthy fats. Not an avocado, nut, or seed in sight. I pondered, "What is one thing I can do better today?" The answer was simple: Introduce a splash of healthy fats. So, I started small, adding avocado to my morning two egg omelet, sprinkling sliced almonds over my lunch salad, and drizzling olive oil on my dinner veggies. It wasn't just about feeding my body; it was about nourishing my soul and embracing a healthier me, one meal at a time.

A Personal Patchwork

My journey through menopause has been a patchwork of experiences, a quilt in the making, with each design representing a lesson learned, a challenge faced, and a joy discovered. Quilting taught me the beauty of patience and persistence, movement showed me the strength I didn't know I had, and adding healthy fats reminded me that change can indeed be delicious.

Menopause, with all its ebbs and flows, has become a period of growth, discovery, and enrichment. It's a chapter in my story that I now write with a thread, a trip to the weight room at the gym, and a spoonful of almond butter, proving that with the right threads, steps, and bites, you can indeed help quilt my way through menopause.

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