Quiltah- I've been quilting for decades and I had no idea!

Quiltah- I've been quilting for decades and I had no idea!

Wanda Thomas

Thanks Annette, my Irish friend, who clued me in today to a quilt festival that she just returned from in the southern part of Spain, a place called Sitges, just west of Barcelona.  I couldn't help it I said, Spain, isn't it too hot for quilts there!  Apparently not, quilting is a really big thing all over Europe.  

Festival Internacional de Patchwork Sitges 2024


So, investigating further, I found a listing site for all kinds of quilt shows and festivals, all over the world!  It's called Quiltah.

I searched for a picture I could use in this post, nothing really available, but here is a link to an instagram hashtag that will show a few things that were shared about this years show.  The Alzheimer's quilt was really cool.  #patchworksitges2024 

Now, I haven't been much of a world traveler since I was a Navy Brat.  My parents were both born and raised in Montana, so when my Dad retired we came "home" and I've never left.  Now I have the time, and I might be able to scrape up a little money, and make some plans for more travel.  There just isn't anything better I would rather do than to go to quilt festivals and shows, especially if I get a chance to learn something new.

Maybe I can do a little troll traveling and look at pictures that have hashtags of shows on Insta.  Is there anything better than quilt pictures?  I think not. 

Stay tuned.

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