The Quirky Journey from My Head To Finished Quilt:  A Playful Guide

The Quirky Journey from My Head To Finished Quilt: A Playful Guide

Quilting inspiration to finished piece   

Sometimes, I get an idea in my head for a new quilt. Some of my friends would say my new ideas are a bit more prolific than "sometimes." I have a whiteboard down in my quilt cave (aka my quilting basement) that really helps me sketch out a rough design. Then I stare at it—sometimes for a day or two, but often for a few weeks. If I like the design, I leave it up on the whiteboard, just to bug myself into making a decision.

design draft on whiteboard
Draft on Whiteboard
Lone Star Diamonds
Next, I made the lone star diamonds: one big and two small. These always remind me of the Three Sisters. I did waste a lot of fabric making these, but I was having so much fun I didn't really care. I always think I'll just be adding to my scrap pile, but honestly, I rarely use my scraps. Fortunately, I have plenty of quilt friends who are more than happy to put my scraps to good use in their own projects.
Lone star diamond
Lone star diamond
Audition for background

Experimental Piecing with Strange Angles

After some experimentation, I decided to put the light blue on top and the dark blue on the bottom. I totally ditched the idea of a middle divider, at least for now. If I make another, I might add some arrow-type diamonds and maybe even a bear or two in the middle. That might actually make the piecing process easier since it was quite challenging this time around. I've been asked to create a pattern for this, and I might one day, but first I don't want to make my fellow quilters go crazy with those tricky angles.

quilt design wall

basement challenges

My 100 year old basement 

quilt top finish

Somehow I got this piecing to work, now to flip it around

That's me, smiling at the quilt show.  I quilted bear paw prints on the whole quilt, just for fun.  I have a strong attraction to our local native designs.  If you ever want to see color put into action, just attend a pow wow function, the designs are spectacular!

Happy Quilting

Calamity Quilter


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