Quilt Blocks-Another Experiment

Quilt Blocks-Another Experiment

I decided to accept the challenge from a modern quilting group I follow.  The challenge was to make a modern square in a square.  Here's what I decided to try. A quirky Radio Windmill block.

What is Freezer Paper Foundation Piecing?  You can check out this helpful blog article about how I make this work here.

Freezer paper foundation piecing is a quilting technique that uses freezer paper as a temporary foundation for constructing quilt blocks. This method offers precision and stability, making it easier to piece together intricate designs.

radio windmill freezer paper block
Why Choose Freezer Paper?

  • Precision: The paper provides a stable base, I add a touch of glue stick paste to the first section.
  • Flexibility: It can be easily removed after stitching, and used multiple times.
  • Versatility: Suitable for complex patterns, which I'm complexing right now with this block, LOL.

The Allure of Historic Quilt Patterns

Historic quilt patterns hold a timeless charm. I'm struck by the complexity of the patchwork involved.  They connect us to the rich heritage of quilting, showcasing the artistry and ingenuity of past generations. Each pattern tells a story, reflecting the cultural and social contexts of its time.  I'm often lost in dreamland when I spend an hour or so looking through my book The Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns by Barbara Brackman.

The Radio Windmill Block

radio windmill block paper

The Radio Windmill block caught my attention not just for its name but for its unique design. While the "radio" aspect remains a mystery, the windmill motif is clear and captivating. The block features dynamic angles and a central whirl, reminiscent of windmill blades in motion.  I joined a Facebook group of local modern quilters and the challenge this month is to create a modern square in a square block.  I found a ton of different designs that could be modern with just a few color blocking choices.  If I ever perfect this technique, which includes one Y seam at the end of piecing, I'll post another article with technique pictures.  If anyone knows an easier way to do this, let me know.  I had fun with this experiment.  Now I need to find a big fat quarter bundle with some modern looking colors.  Here's a picture of a possible selection using paint color samples as a guide.  

modern quilt colors
I'm getting ready to go on a quilt retreat (again) so I simply must stop by a few quilt shops and take these color cards with me, you know, just in case I find something I need!  Quilt On!
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